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EZ Enema Kit

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The EZ Enema Kits are available in a standard Nippled design and the Rounded design which is especially well-suited for those users with painful hemorrhoids.

Ergonomic non-intrusive design provides easy, effective and safe constipation relief while comfortably sitting on a toilet and without the struggles of traditional enema products. The included empty enema bottle allows you to purchase retail enema products or prepare your own enema solutions.

Uses FDA approved materials and has FDA Class 1 clearance

You can also purchase the EZ Enema Combo which includes either EZ Enema Kit along with the EZ Enema Hand Pump at a 10% discount.

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1 review for EZ Enema Kit

  1. Mark Feucht

    I became a believer and partner in EZ Enema after experiencing a complete blockage which was easily evacuated within 5 minutes after using the EZ Enema Kit. The ergonomic non-intrusive design was easy to self-administer while sitting on a toilet while eliminating the challenges of traditional enema products.

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