Enema Info

Enema Information


  • Cleansing Enema – uses saline or water to help soften stool to help natural urge to defecate
  • Carminative Enema– deliver warm water and mild soap to help relieve gas and bloating in colon
  • Lubricating Enema – deliver mineral oil to colon and rectum to relieve constipation by making it easier to pass stool
  • Retention Enema – to deliver medications directly to colon. This can be especially helpful when treating health problems affecting the colon, such as inflammatory bowel disease.


  • Relieves discomfort caused by stool back-up and gas
  • Improves ability to pass future stools by maintaining a clean colon
  • Helps maintain digestive system regularity
  • Drug free alternative to laxatives
  • Relieves constipation caused by Opioids and other drugs
  • EZ ENEMA Kit allows you to easily self-administer a variety of enema solutions whether they are purchased or self-prepared